COVID Testing open to all, with or without symptoms!

To reserve a spot in-line for Urgent Care, COVID Testing, or Telemedicine, check-in below!
Urgent Care walk-in visits are available during clinic hours and COVID Testing walk-in visits are every day until 5 pm.
In order to serve you at your appointment time, you will need to make sure all online registration is completed before arriving at the clinic! 
PLEASE NOTE: The system is not reflecting accurate “appointment” times. Once you get an “appointment” this means you will be seen for your medical visit or we will reserve a COVID test or urgent care appointment for you but it is not a true appointment time.


Have a question? Text Us! Text the word “Zip” to 843-418-9107 to reach a member of our team!



ZipClinic Urgent Care - Aurora, CO


1250 S. Buckley Rd N
Aurora, CO 80017
(Corner of Buckley and Mississippi near Albertson’s)

Phone: 303-223-9863
Fax: 303-752-1053

Monday – Friday
8:00 am – 7:00 pm

Saturday – Sunday
8:00 am – 5:00 pm

ZipClinic Urgent Care - Denver, CO



1 Broadway Building A Suite 100
Denver, CO 80203
(Near Punch Bowl Social)

Phone: 303-455-6345
Fax: 303-455-6343

Monday – Saturday
8:00 am – 5:00 pm

ZipClinic Urgent Care - Westminster, CO


5165 West 72nd Avenue
Westminster, CO 80030
(Corner of 72nd and Sheridan, next to McDonald’s)

Phone: 303-645-4770 
Fax: 303-645-4880

Monday – Friday
8:00 am – 7:00 pm

Saturday – Sunday
8:00 am – 5:00 pm

PCR and RAPID COVID-19 Testing available at all Zip Clinic Locations! 

For all appointments, in order to be seen, you must complete your online registration before your visit. The registration link will go to the phone number you provide when you reserve a time slot.

For any questions, message us on Facebook!

If you have any issues with making an appointment or completing your registration please message us directly on Facebook for assistance!