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Zip Clinic® provides many of the services of ER, without the long wait times. Illnesses, injuries, x-rays & more.

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Zip Clinic® is located in Maryland Heights, Missouri! 

I have COVID!

Are there any oral medications that may be helpful for me?

The answer could be Paxlovid.

At this time, Paxlovid is at no cost at all pharmacies. 


There is now an oral medication available that has been shown to significantly reduce hospitalizations and/or death in at-risk patients.  The medication is called Paxlovid, and while it may not benefit everyone, we are happy to discuss the potential risks and benefits given your specific medical needs.

“So nice to go somewhere and feel comforted with a smile. Everyone was very helpful and kind. Especially appreciated the nurse practitioner that explained the reasoning behind her every move. Thank you very much!”


About Zip Clinic Urgent Care®

Half the wait time and cost of an ER for all non-life threatening conditions. ZipClinic Urgent Care provides affordable healthcare for all your urgent care needs.

Our Services

We treat minor illnesses and injuries including colds & flu, fevers, infections, broken bones, sprains, strains, STD testing
and employer services.

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We will be closed until further notice due to damage to the clinic.


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