What to Expect

nurse-300x450We pride ourselves on providing the utmost in patient services and care.

You can expect the following from your Zip Clinic Urgent Care® centers:

  • Timeliness for your scheduled appointment and as a “walk-in”, we make every conceivable effort to minimize your wait. If emergencies delay us, we will do everything possible to make your wait tolerable and short and we will provide you with an estimated time-duration for the wait.
  • Explanation of why tests are ordered and the significance of findings.
  • A live person to speak with you over the phone when you call, with rare exception.
  • Fees explanation. Insurance plans are confusing and we have the resources to work with you as a partner to solve coverage issues.
  • Specialist referrals as a reflection of the quality of our medical practice.
  • Acknowledgement of uncertainty, where uncertainty exists – with a referral to a specialist.
  • Invitation to unsolicited feedback for our chance to learn your constructive critique, concern or criticism you may have.
  • The fact that we remain ‘blind’ to ethnic or religious background, skin color, sexual orientation, disability status, and socioeconomic status.

Fundamentally, we are guided by the central question, “What is right for our patient?” As simple and powerful as the Golden Rule: we want for you what we would want for ourselves.  That said, we assure you every doctor, physician assistant, nurse and support staff associated with Zip Clinic Urgent Care® will be respectful and sensitive to your needs as a patient and “customer.”