Patients needing urgent care for a sudden illness or injury aren’t always sure where to turn first. But studies show most go online (oftentimes to Yelp) to do an initial search about which immediate care clinic is closest—and to look at what kind of reviews the urgent care center has gotten.

This step is particularly important for urgent care patients who are unfamiliar with an area or specific center. They want to choose an urgent care center with a solid reputation.

That’s where you come in, ZipClinic customers.

We’d like each of you to check us out on Yelp. Patients have rated Yelp as the most trusted online review site for healthcare services. And we’re building our cache of reports from patients.

Simply search “ZipClinic” at in the city you’re in. Select the page for the ZipClinic you’ve visited and leave a review. It’s that simple!

Thanks for your time, and we hope to see you at a ZipClinic Urgent Care Center in the future.